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With over 25 years of experience, we can custom fit a stairlift solution to fit your home. We are factory certified and fully insured to properly assess your home and recommend the best stairlift solution for your safe transfer from floor to floor.

We love using our expertise to make our customer's home a safe environment for them to live in.

Russ Burd

Russell Burd, a lifetime resident of Montgomery County, is the owner of Royal StairLifts.

With 22 years of commitment to the medical equipment industry, Russell has built a reputation synonymous with quality, care, and compassion.

Married to his wife Kim for 28 years, Russell maintained a solid, stable presence throughout the community, while raising twins in East Greenville, Penna.

Brook Burd

Brook Burd, son of Russell, has grown up in the medical equipment industry alongside his entire family.

Learning the trade as a 12 year old warehouse employee, Brook has climbed a broad ladder.

From warehouse to shipping, from delivery technician to dispatcher, from salesman to business partner – Brook’s path to success has been paved by his perseverance and determination.

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